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2018 Edition Basel, Kaskadenkondensator Basel 

         "Aus der Bilderflut geborgen", Kunststätte, Lenzburg

2017 OOO Object Oriented Ontology, Kunsthalle, Basel

          salzARTen, Salzhaus, Brugg

         Times of Reflection, Lörrach (DE)

         Doodah meets art am Fumetto, Luzern

         Cantonale 17, Kunsthalle, Bern

2016 Next Generation - Selected Works, HGK,  Basel

         Diploma Show, HGK,  Basel

         Totentanz, Kunstraum Teiggi, Kriens

         Guck mal Günther, Kunst Festival, Lenzburg

2015 Salee Exhibition, STARKART Galerie, Zürich

         Guck mal Günther, Kunst Festival, Lenzburg

         Critweek Show, CoCA, Wellington (NZ)

         Bademeister, Salon Mondial, Basel

2014 artGAU, Brugg

2013 Homeland, Karussell, Zürich


I love to visit magnificent places, immersing myself in different cultures and to return home with an empty wallet but a rich heart and a backpack full of memories and impressions. Travelling to remote places has also meant having to adapt and become a part of new families, make new friendships and get to know different cultures. Slowly I started to mingle parts of all these experiences, weaved bits and pieces of memories into a multi-layered history that now constitute my everyday reality. This exact moment of creating new cultural aspects through unbiased and un-judgemental alloying of different ways of living started to interest me profoundly. My current research lies within this creolization of cultures, of moments, of life – as well as in the expanded practice of painting, analogue photography, sound and performance. I am interested in the discourse of how contemporary painting can enhance art practice in this time where the flood of digital information and images are everywhere.

I truly believe that everything you do with joy and love will help to create an inspiring, peaceful and thoughtful environment and my aim is to carry these thoughts of happiness as far around the world as possible.





2016-2018 MA Art Education, HGK, Basel

2015 Exchange Semester Fine Arts at Massey College for Creative Arts, Wellington (NZ)

2013-2016 BA Art Education, HGK, Basel

Born, 1981, Muri